Your Story is Our Story

We are writing our story with people at the center. At Ollang, we speak all languages so you can, too.
Your Story is Our Story

Empowering Voices, Sharing Stories

— One Language at a Time

Yearning to share your voice with a global audience? We are too. At Ollang, we believe your voice deserves to resonate worldwide. Imagine your story, captivating hearts across continents, cultures, and languages.

That's the future we're building, and we want to share it with you. 

It all started with a spark:

Ebru Yıldırım, our co-founder and CEO, saw the potential of GenAI to bridge the language gap and empower creators to reach the world. But the path wasn't paved with roses. Doubts, challenges, and even financial hurdles threatened to derail the dream.

Yet, fueled by passion and unwavering belief, Ebru persevered. 

Joining forces, shaping the future:

Together with co-founder and CTO Muhammed Aziz Ulak, they assembled a diverse and talented team, fueled by a shared passion for language and innovation.

They built OLabs, your gateway to global audiences.

Unlock your content's potential:

Whether you're a media giant, a content creator or a corporate powerhouse, OLabs empowers you to localize your content with ease. Closed captioning, subtitling, AI-powered dubbing - we offer a suite of solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Innovation meets your story:

We never stop pushing boundaries to amplify your reach.

➞ GenAI-powered voices: We're making them even more lifelike and expressive, bringing your content to life.

➞ Hybrid dubbing: The best of AI and human expertise collide for unparalleled results.

➞ Continuous improvement: We're dedicated to making OLabs the ultimate localization solution.

Our purpose?

A world where language unites all. A world where you can connect with anyone, anywhere, through the power of story.

Here's how you can be a part of Ollang’s story:

Careers: Join our passionate team of Ollangers.

Become an AI Dubbing Editor: Learn the latest skills and become an expert.

OBlog: Stay updated on industry trends and insights.

Testimonials & Case Studies: See how we've helped others succeed.

Newsletter: Subscribe for the latest news and updates.

OLabs: Your one-stop shop for seamless content localization.

This isn't just Ollang's story. It's yours.

Join us. Create. Connect. Be heard.


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