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Sustained Success: W4tch TV's Continued Journey in AI Dubbing

With over a decade of experience in online media, W4tch TV has been dedicated to simplifying the processes of content distribution, protection, and monetization for rights holders in film, TV, music, and gaming. Our journey with W4tch TV began one and a half years ago when they sought an efficient and cost-effective dubbing solution for their documentaries in French, paving the way for the successful introduction of our AI dubbing services.

What’s this use case about?

This is a sequel to our initial use case, where we shared the details of our first project with W4tch TV. Throughout this page, you’ll explore the background of the localization process and explore the strategies employed in dubbing as many as 71 documentaries to English and Spanish over the past year.

Approach to Localization

W4tch TV embarked on a journey to explore dubbing as a means to connect with a wider international audience.

The approach involved a meticulous analysis, including viewership analysis, demand analysis, and profit and losses analysis. Market preferences, available resources, and cost considerations were key factors in deciding between AI and studio dubbing. Ultimately, the decision leaned towards AI-generated dubbing, considering factors like speech-to-text validation, narrator/voice selection, and human supervision.

Olabs, our commitment to excellence, took the stage as a robust localization platform.

Thanks to flexible quality features integrated into Olabs, we ensure that clients like W4tch TV have the freedom to choose the level of precision and nuance required for their diverse content.

Strategic Distribution

To maximize reach, W4tch TV utilized YouTube's multilingual audio track tool, combining it with the platform’s export strategy. Metrics speak volumes about the success of this approach, with 71 translated videos amassing over 80 million views within a year.

Impactful Metrics

↣ 69% higher revenue from the 71 dubbed videos on average compared to W4tch TV's untranslated videos.

↣ 67% of revenue generated by viewership outside of France for W4tch TV, indicating a significant international audience engagement.

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-powered localization, W4tch TV has found a steadfast partner in Ollang, a one-stop-shop for end-to-end localization solutions.

Go Deeper

Our partnership with W4tch TV underscores several key takeaways:

Synergy of AI and Human Translators

At the heart of our localization philosophy is the belief in the harmonious cooperation between AI and human translators. We recognize that AI is continuously advancing, bringing forth more natural and lifelike synthetic voices to the market. When coupled with the creativity of human translators, the results are nothing short of top-notch. 

As W4tch TV's trusted localization partner, Ollang continues to provide cutting-edge solutions that redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of content localization.

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