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TRT World: Breaking News Barriers with Captions

Client Spotlight

TRT World, the international news platform of Turkey's national broadcaster, aims to give viewers fresh perspectives on global events. They believe in highlighting the human stories behind the headlines, using news as a tool for positive change.

Naturally, making their content accessible to everyone became a top priority. Adding captions to their broadcasts was both an ethical and practical decision, allowing them to reach a wider audience and fulfill their mission of inclusivity.


Conquering the Captioning Hurdles for TRT World

For news outlets like TRT World, delivering timely and accurate information to viewers globally is paramount. But providing real-time captions presented a unique set of obstacles:

The Solution

Bridging the Format Gap: Ollang Delivers Captions for TRT World

Our tech team sprang into action, developing a specific format (EBU-STL) for this project while our experienced translators started captioning the audio using Olabs. By the time the first captions were done, the new format was ready to roll on the client side.

Olabs proved its worth by streamlining the process for everyone. The AI system generated rough captions that were surprisingly accurate, requiring minimal tweaks. Our translators then polished these raw captions to perfection, ensuring top quality for each project.

Project At A Glance


More Than Just Accessibility

TRT World's commitment to captioning wasn't just about inclusion for the hard of hearing, it was a step towards a more accessible and engaging world for everyone. While over 1.5 billion people globally live with hearing loss, statistics show that 80% of viewers who use captions actually have normal hearing.

Why the shift? It's a sign of modern viewing habits:

Ollang stands with you as a partner in this evolution. From AI-powered captioning to subtitling and dubbing, we empower your content to reach and resonate with wider audiences, no matter their circumstances.

A Quote to Remember

“For us Ollang:
Always accessible, anytime and anywhere,
Client support that never lets you down,
Innovative and ready to act on the feedback.”
Mehmet Güneş,
Scheduling and Q&A Manager, TRT World

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