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Talking in the Language of Children: How Ollang Dubbed Fairy-Tales into Urdu

Client Spotlight

Adisebaba, a company fueled by a love for art and education, strives to make captivating content accessible to children worldwide. Their vibrant library of fairy tales, bursting with expressive narratives and magical characters, presents a unique challenge: bringing these stories to life in new languages and cultures.

This isn't just about translating words; it's about capturing the essence of Adisebaba's world, its style and its magic. It's about finding the right voices, the perfect rhythm, and the cultural nuances that resonate with children across borders.

And then there's the added complexity of dubbing: lip synchronization, timing, and ensuring the emotional impact translates perfectly. It's a delicate dance between technology and human artistry, demanding a meticulous approach.

Unveiling the Challenges of Adisebaba's Urdu Dubbing Adventure

Adisebaba, eager to share their stories with Urdu-speaking children, embarked on a daring journey. For Ollang, it was a plunge into uncharted waters: a large-scale, animated Urdu dubbing project brimming with unique challenges.

The Solution

Enhancing Dubbing Precision and Efficiency

During the iterative process, three key pain points emerged: dubbing revisions, capturing linguistic nuances, and differentiating animal sounds from human voices. To address these, we fortified the checking mechanism with an additional layer, significantly boosting speed, accuracy, and simplicity in the revision process. The dubbing mixer amalgamated diverse sound elements, seamlessly processed through Ollang's robust checking system. Ensuring each character had a unique sound and method of communication was pivotal. Finally, the refined output found its place on the client's exclusive online dashboard, tailored specifically for this project.

Project At A Glance


Bridging the Language Gap with Ollang

In a world overflowing with content, the barrier of language can still hold us back. But stories have the power to transcend borders and bring us together. At Ollang, we believe in bridging this gap, not just with technology, but with human empathy and artistic vision.

Ready to unlock the potential of your stories? Let's embark on this adventure together. Contact Ollang today and take your first step towards a world where language is no barrier to shared wonder.

A Quote to Remember

“We are very happy to meet Ollang’s friendly and knowledgeable team. They always offer high-capacity and innovative technologies. We look forward to achieving greater success with our new projects.”
Cemal Özöncül, General Manager

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