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A Turkish TV Giant Finds New Life Online: The Story of ATV's 'Sevdam Alabora'

Client Spotlight:

ATV, a Turkish television powerhouse established in 1993 and boasting a 12.6% audience share, has a long history of producing high-budget, memorable series. But even for ATV, success wasn't guaranteed. In 2015, their series "Sevdam Alabora" met an unfortunate early end, lasting only 4 episodes (8 hours in total).

Yet, what was seemingly a television flop found unexpected redemption during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uploaded to YouTube, "Sevdam Alabora" unexpectedly exploded in popularity, captivating audiences with its story.

Thriving On Challenges

1. Speed with Precision: We don't compromise quality for speed. Our innovative solutions, like AI-powered translation tools, streamline processes while adhering to the highest accuracy standards. You get your content localized fast, without sacrificing nuance or cultural sensitivity.

2. Bridging Cultural Divides: Local references and cultural nuances can be tricky to translate. Our team of seasoned linguists and cultural experts possess a deep understanding of diverse contexts, ensuring your content resonates with global audiences while preserving its authentic flavor.

3. Simplicity Reigns Supreme: We believe in making things easy. Our user-friendly platform, Olabs, guides you through the localization process step-by-step, offering transparency and control every step of the way.

The Solution

Ollang's AI Advantage: Bringing "Sevdam Alabora" to Life

Ollang's AI-powered platform, Olabs, proved the perfect solution for "Sevdam Alabora's" online revival. Here's how we turned the tide:

1. AI Takes the Lead: Our advanced subtitle translation engine quickly generated accurate drafts, saving precious time.

2. Human Touch Perfects: Experienced translators meticulously polished the AI drafts, ensuring every nuance and emotion shone through.

3. Context Reigns Supreme: Our team deeply understood the series' cultural context, ensuring jokes landed, references resonated, and emotional beats resonated with global viewers.

Project At A Glance

The result? "Sevdam Alabora" captivated a global audience, proving that with the right localization partner, any story can find its voice on the world stage.


From Turkey to the World: The Future of Storytelling with Ollang

"Sevdam Alabora" is just one example of how Ollang empowers content owners to break down language barriers and share their stories with the world. Our AI-powered subtitles, like those showcased here, unlock global audiences and fuel the success of diverse content.

Don't let language be a barrier to your story's success. Start your global journey today with Olabs. Visit our website or book a consultation to see how we can help you conquer the world, one subtitle at a time.

A Quote to Remember

“Having a strong partner like Ollang inspires confidence and courage to take the step… They literally do their best to overcome any possible challenges and continue testing their process through trial and error until they come to the client with a solution.”
Onur Yıldırım, ATV Chief Digital Officer

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