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Ollang’s Subtitling Solution Brought “Bride of Beirut” to Broader Audiences

Client Spotlight

O3 Medya, a Turkish production company known for its international appeal, wanted to expand the reach of their hit series "Bride of Beirut." Targeting English-speaking audiences, they needed a reliable partner for high-quality subtitles that flowed naturally.

Having successfully localized Turkish content in Spanish, Arabic, and English, O3 Medya found the perfect match in Ollang. Our proven track record and commitment to seamless translations convinced them we could deliver the perfect subtitles for "Bride of Beirut."


The Lebanese Twist: Bridging Dialects for "Bride of Beirut"

Ollang faced a unique challenge when tasked with subtitling over 2000 minutes of captivating Lebanese content for English audiences. The hurdle? The Lebanese dialect, distinct from Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in both grammar and structure. Subtitling with only MSA expertise would be like trying to unlock a door with the wrong key – a frustrating dead end.

The Solution

How Ollang Solved the Dialect Dilemma

O3 Medya uploaded the "Bride of Beirut" content to Olabs, and our AI engine kicked into action. It generated a rough draft subtitle track, handling basic translations and timing. 

This freed up our expert Lebanese Arabic translators to focus on the finer details:

From initial analysis to final delivery, the entire subtitling process for over 2,000 minutes of video was completed within a month. Our team of Lebanese dialect specialists, combined with our AI's efficiency, delivered subtitles that faithfully conveyed the heart and soul of "Bride of Beirut" to English viewers.

Project At A Glance


Unlocking Global Stories with AI-Powered Localization

Movies, series, documentaries – all fuel our insatiable desire for entertainment across cultures. This is where AI shines, partnering with human creativity to:

But can AI truly deliver on quality? Absolutely. Partner with a media globalization company like Ollang, where the best AI automation meets the best human expertise. We seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with the artistry of seasoned linguists and cultural consultants.

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