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Mission: Widen Viewership for Documentaries, With AI-Dubbing

Client Spotlight

For over a decade, W4tch TV has been a trusted force in online media, delivering captivating films, TV shows, music, and games to diverse audiences. Their motto, "Relax. We Take Care of Everything," perfectly captures their client-centric approach, ensuring a seamless experience from conception to consumption.

Recognizing the power of globalization to connect with new audiences through compelling storytelling, they turned their focus to their French documentaries. Now, W4tch TV sought an innovative way to bridge the language gap, bringing their insightful narratives to English-speaking viewers without compromising the authenticity and emotional depth that define their productions.

This is where our paths crossed. W4tch TV’s quest for a groundbreaking solution presented a thrilling challenge, one we were eager to embrace.

The Challenge

From Doubt to Innovation

After months of exploring traditional dubbing studios, W4TCH tv faced a dilemma. The high costs threatened to outweigh the potential return on investment for their French documentary library. Enter Ollang.

Samuel Zazlavsky, W4TCH tv's CEO, decided to take a leap of faith. He uploaded five documentaries to Olabs, a platform built for exploring innovative solutions. Our nimble client support team promptly engaged, asking insightful questions to understand the project's unique needs.

When we learned the challenge was dubbing French documentaries into English, our confidence soared. We knew AI-powered dubbing, with its speed and affordability, held the key to unlocking W4TCH tv's global aspirations.

‍The Solution

Bridging the Language Gap with AI Speed and Affordability

Here's how Ollang empowered W4TCH tv to bridge the language gap:

Project At A Glance

W4TCH tv entrusted us with 3 videos, totaling 230 minutes, and witnessed the magic firsthand. Within a mere 10 days for each 90-minute video, we delivered compelling English dubs, ready to connect with international viewers.

Intrigued? Take a Listen:

Here's a short clip from a dubbed scene. Can you tell the voice was generated by AI? Challenge your perceptions and experience the power of innovation in action.


Speed, affordability, and quality

These are no longer mutually exclusive dreams. AI delivers natural-sounding voices, capturing the essence of your message while significantly reducing your production time and budget. With turnaround times slashed and costs dramatically lower, AI empowers you to scale your global reach without compromising on artistic integrity.

A Quote to Remember

Our company has a large collection of documentaries that we want to dub into English. When we discovered the services offered by Ollang, we were first attracted by its very competitive rates.
After a few tests, we were more than delighted by the quality of the interface, the availability, the competence and the kindness of our interlocutors, and, most importantly, we were totally convinced by the final rendering of our dubbings, of high quality. We will definitely engage with Ollang in a long and mutually beneficial collaboration.
Samuel Zaslavsky - W4TCH TV, Directeur Général

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