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Subtitling Corporate Videos Provided Huge Benefits to Employees

Client Spotlight:

Karaca Group, a powerhouse with 11 brands, 28,000 products, and over 3,500 employees in 43 countries, fosters internal communication through powerful digital tools.

With operations spanning continents, seamless communication among their widely dispersed teams was crucial. Their platform buzzed with groups across departments discussing strategic plans and new markets in their native languages. But to truly benefit from these diverse perspectives, language barriers needed to be overcome.


Breaking Down Language Barriers at Karaca Group

While video recordings democratized information-sharing across Karaca Group's global workforce, language presented a formidable obstacle. Here's how:

Industry jargon: Strategic discussions often brimmed with department-specific terms, potentially leaving colleagues outside the loop.

Conversational complexity: Videos featured dynamic back-and-forth talks, making translation challenging, especially when capturing nuances and humor.

Lengthy dialogues: Extended conversations meant longer translations, demanding efficient technology and skilled linguists to maintain accuracy and engagement.

These hurdles threatened to impede knowledge sharing, hindering collaboration and jeopardizing valuable insights from reaching the right ears. Karaca Group needed a solution to bridge the language gap and unleash the full potential of their global communications.


Harnessing AI for Seamless Global Communication

1. Upload and Analyze: Videos were uploaded to Olabs, our client dashboard, where our team analyzed them for technical specifics and potential challenges.

2. Machine Translation Jumpstart: Ollang's AI subtitling tool generated accurate machine translations, providing a solid foundation for human linguists.

3. Expert Refinement: Skilled translators reviewed and edited the machine translations, ensuring accuracy, flow, and capturing industry-specific nuances.

4. Flawless Finish: A meticulous proofreading process eliminated overlapping subtitles, timing inconsistencies, and any lingering errors.

This blend of AI efficiency and human expertise delivers faster turnaround times, enhances accuracy, and scales effortlessly

Project At A Glance


Ollang's AI + Human Touch: The Winning Formula for Efficient, Accurate Localization 

Karaca Group's story exemplifies Ollang's commitment to seamless, efficient, and impactful localization. Combining AI speed with human expertise, we ensured their strategic discussions transcended language barriers, empowering global collaboration and unlocking valuable insights.

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