Burcu Uluçay

Broadening Online Learning Audiences with Subtitling and Dubbing

Client Spotlight

The online learning world is teeming with creators and platforms, making it tough to stand out. Even great content needs that extra something to shine. Nuri Murat Avcı, founder of House of Human, knew this well. He needed to go beyond captivating courses and reach global learners – and dubbing was the next step.

The pandemic forced Nuri and his students out of the classroom and onto Udemy. To make his courses inclusive and welcoming to everyone, he wanted to localize them. Videos were his new medium, and dubbing and subtitles were two powerful tools to share his wisdom across languages.

The Challenge

Mastering the Translation Maze: Capturing Avcı's Expertise

Avcı is a seasoned pro at explaining VUCA and its global impact. He's honed his skills for years, connecting with students in Turkish. Now, it was our job to carry that torch and translate his valuable materials into English, keeping accuracy and clarity intact.

The biggest hurdles? Finding perfect English equivalents for specific terms and bridging the gap between nuanced concepts in two different languages. No small feat!

So, how did we crack it? Our project managers teamed up with Ollang's expert translators, hand-picked for their subject matter knowledge. Together, they meticulously combed through AI-translated content, polishing it into sparkling English that preserved Nuri's original vision.

The Solution

Speedy & Flawless: Combining Tech and Talent

The intricate terms in Nuri's materials were a bit of a puzzle, but that's where our magic duo came in: AI translation and human expertise. This powerful combo sped things up, giving our seasoned translators a solid base to work with. With careful refining and editing, they transformed the rough draft into flawless English that captured Nuri's wisdom perfectly.

Next came the voice-over, and our AI dubbing tool, blending technology and human flair, found the perfect match for the project. We chose a voice-over style – ideal for learning materials – that kept Nuri's voice subtly present in the background. This engaging approach made the information easily accessible and kept learners fully immersed in the content.

Project At A Glance

Want to see it in action? Check out this short video showcasing the beautifully localized content: 


The Takeaway: Reach the World with Confidence

In today's globalized world, content creators like e-learning providers, broadcasters, and streamers need to break down language barriers and connect with audiences everywhere. Localizing content is the key – it lets people experience your work in their own language, making it personal and engaging.

At Ollang, we're your partner in this mission. We offer smarter, faster ways to localize your content, so you can reach the world with confidence. Ready to take the first step? Visit Ollang – let's unlock the global potential of your content together!

A Quote to Remember

I was quite surprised by the quality of the English voice-over narration used in my videos on VUCA. A perfect harmony between Artificial Intelligence and Human’s Effort. Creating engaging dubbing and voice-over in multiple languages is a serious challenge that keeps you from branching out globally. Ollang’s strategic planning and well-rounded roadmap for overcoming difficulties around dubbing get you one step closer to the world…
Nuri Murat Avcı, VUCA Leader & Instructor

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