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Parizaad: Mesmerizing Audiences with Arabic Dubbing

Client Spotlight: 

Hum TV, a prestigious Pakistani network established in 2015, has garnered acclaim for its high-quality entertainment and exceptional dramas reaching viewers worldwide. As the country's leading entertainment channel, Hum TV prioritizes tailoring content for international audiences through innovative localization solutions.

A prime example of their international success is Parizaad, a captivating series resonating with both domestic and global audiences. This drama delves into the story of Parizaad, a man facing societal prejudices due to his appearance and financial limitations. Parizaad's journey, fueled by an engaging storyline, impactful plot, and captivating performances, has garnered tremendous success.

Hum TV decided to make Parizaad accessible to Arabic-speaking audiences via dubbing, recognizing the original Urdu footage's appeal beyond Pakistan. 


Capturing the Essence of Parizaad in Arabic

Hum TV's beloved series, Parizaad, carries immense cultural significance within Pakistan. So, when entrusting us with its Arabic dubbing, their high expectations for quality were a welcome challenge. Leaving no stone unturned, we sought the perfect studio and vocal artists to do justice to the original.

Working hand-in-hand with the client, we presented diverse casting options for key characters, ensuring their approval before embarking on the dubbing process. However, the client's insightful feedback throughout the series added another layer of complexity, and one we embraced with excitement.

For instance, meticulously capturing Parizaad's transformation over time became a pivotal focus. We handpicked a voice artist who could masterfully modulate their tone and delivery to mirror the character's growth and maturation through the series.


Bridging the Gap with Hybrid Dubbing

In bringing Parizaad to Arabic audiences, we recognized the need for a solution that captured both the series' technical accuracy and emotional weight. Enter “hybrid dubbing”, a groundbreaking approach that blends the speed and efficiency of AI with the human artistry of professional voice actors.

For Parizaad, we harnessed the power of AI dubbing to generate accurate translations at exceptional speed. This not only reduced costs by a staggering 4X but also accelerated project delivery by 5X compared to traditional methods. Importantly, the AI technology delivered high-quality results that seamlessly mirrored the original audio, allowing us to seamlessly integrate human performances where emotional depth was paramount.

Project At A Glance 

The resulting Arabic dub of Parizaad stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence and reflects the meticulous attention paid to every nuance. It was an exhilarating journey, ensuring that this masterpiece could transcend cultural boundaries and connect with Arabic audiences on a profound level.

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