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AI Subtitling: Turkish Drama Goes Arabic

Client Spotlight

In a high-profile collaboration, Go Nova, a leading media company specializing in digital content, partnered with TV8, a prominent Turkish television channel under MNG Media Group. The goal was to provide Arabic subtitles for the popular Turkish series, "Canım Annem." 

Given the enduring popularity of Turkish series in Arabic-speaking countries, TV8 aimed to add Arabic subtitles to the episodes. To meet this demand, Go Nova embarked on a search for adept multimedia localization professionals capable of exceeding their expectations.

The Challenge:

Managing Volume, Maintaining Precision

Handling the vast 332-episode Turkish series, "Canım Annem," posed a major challenge due to its daily broadcasts on TV8 and YouTube. Our initial task for 127 episodes required careful coordination to maintain sequence integrity, especially considering each episode's 48-minute duration. To ensure quality and consistency, we partnered with a dedicated group of translators, guaranteeing a smooth viewing experience for the audience.

The Solution:

Utilizing Olabs for Seamless Localization

Notably, Go Nova leveraged Olabs to order and track subtitle projects for Canım Annem, benefiting from its user-friendly dashboard designed for clients. 

Thanks to Olabs, our clients effortlessly create, track, and access projects in multiple languages, streamlining the localization process. Emphasizing the human touch, our seasoned translators ensure machine translations undergo thorough review and refinement, enhancing overall quality.

Project At A Glance

Canım Annem YouTube Channel

Our subtitling efforts significantly enhanced accessibility, with the first episode alone reaching over 222,000 views. The channel now boasts more than 8,500 subscribers, reflecting growing audience satisfaction.

At the time of writing this, viewers can enjoy 127 episodes of Canım Annem (أمي الغالية) on its dedicated YouTube channel for the Arabic language. You can watch the most popular episode of the series in this video, showcasing the excellent quality of Arabic subtitles.


Efficient Global Reach with AI

AI-driven subtitling and dubbing via Olabs transcend traditional time and cost barriers, accelerating processes and ensuring affordability. Human touch amplifies quality, enabling swift delivery and confident exploration of new audiences.

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