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From English to Urdu: 20 Movies Get a Premium Dubbing Makeover

Client Spotlight

Launched in 1994, Kanal 7 has established itself as a leading Turkish TV channel, captivating viewers with a diverse mix of entertainment, including popular Indian and Korean dramas. Beyond its domestic reach, Kanal 7 has set ambitious global expansion goals, targeting Urdu-speaking audiences across Pakistan, India, and neighboring countries.

Their secret weapon? Repurposing their existing content through localization. By strategically utilizing dubbing and subtitles, Kanal 7 breathes new life into their library, making it accessible and engaging for international viewers. This innovative approach has allowed them to build a strong and loyal following in the Urdu-speaking world, solidifying their position as a leading cross-cultural entertainment provider.


Conquering a Mountain of Content in Urdu

With ambitious expansion plans in mind, Kanal 7 entrusted us with a monumental task: dubbing 20 movies amounting to a staggering 1,600 minutes... all before a tight deadline.

Kanal 7's movies, with their intricate characters, diverse voices, and vibrant soundscapes, presented a unique challenge. While AI dubbing might have sufficed for simpler formats, these captivating narratives demanded more.


Hybrid Harmony for Compelling Urdu Storytelling

We unleashed the power of AI to generate initial dubbing scripts, ensuring swift progress. But efficiency wasn't the sole mission. To preserve cultural nuances and emotional depth, we collaborated closely with our dubbing studio partner, optimizing workflows for seamless collaboration.

The final act? Our seasoned translators meticulously reviewed and refined the dubbed script, ensuring it harmonized flawlessly with the original soundtrack. It was a marathon of translation, adaptation, and collaboration, demanding both speed and finesse, ensuring each character's voice resonated authentically with Urdu audiences.

Want to witness the magic firsthand? Click here and experience the captivating Urdu renditions come to life!

Project At A Glance


Olabs: Your One-Stop Shop for Captivating Storytelling in Any Language

Kanal 7's story is just one chapter in our broader mission: bringing captivating stories closer to audiences worldwide, in their own languages. Through the power of subtitling and dubbing, we see a brighter future, where cultural bridges are built one captivating phrase at a time.

For TV broadcasters, streaming platforms, and educators, we offer a powerful ally in your global growth journey. Our AI-powered platform, Olabs, simplifies localization, taking the complexity out of reaching new horizons.

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