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Elevate Learning: Dubbing in Your Language

Client Spotlight

What is ClassDojo? Sam Chaudhary, the CEO, explains it best:

"Imagine a world where every child discovers and develops their unique talents. That's what ClassDojo is all about."

ClassDojo is a platform connecting over 50 million teachers and families through photos, videos, messages, and more. It's a safe and accessible space for sharing kids' learning moments, both in school and at home. Recognizing the crucial role of a secure online environment for children's education, ClassDojo is actively expanding its efforts in this area.

Finding the Perfect Localization Partner

By late 2021, ClassDojo's vision had grown: connecting families and teachers around the world. To achieve this, they needed a way to translate their English content into multiple languages, but with a twist. They weren't simply looking for translators; they sought a one-stop solution. 

This partner required:

The Solution

ClassDojo's Global Voice: A Blend of Human and AI Expertise

ClassDojo's content needed a unique translation approach. Some parts, like key learning materials, deserved the natural flow and emotional nuance of human dubbing. For other sections, our AI-powered solution could efficiently handle the translation while maintaining high quality.

To prioritize ClassDojo's goals, we started with human dubbing for the crucial learning materials. Skilled voice artists and a professional studio environment ensured flawless delivery, even exceeding the expected timeframe.

Check out these two videos showcasing the results of our blended approach:

Spanish Dubbing

Turkish Dubbing

Project At A Glance

Here's a quick look at how we brought ClassDojo's vibrant platform to new audiences worldwide:

Videos: Spanish (Spain & Latin America), Turkish

Documents: Dutch, Spanish (Spain), French, Turkish

Videos: 90 minutes of content, translated and dubbed into 3 languages

Documents: 19,000 words of content, translated into 4 languages

Videos: Each language version completed within a few weeks

Documents: Same rapid delivery for each language


Unlocking Global Learning

ClassDojo's vision to connect families and teachers worldwide wouldn't have been possible without harnessing the power of localization. By combining top-notch AI translation with experienced human touch, we brought their platform to life in new languages.

Don't wait to unlock the potential of your e-learning content. Let Ollang be your guide in crafting your global voice. We'll walk you through every step, ensuring your message reaches every corner of the world.

A Quote to Remember

“The cooperation with Ollang was very helpful for both companies. I appreciate the effort put by their project management team who was always ready to propose a better way for localizing our marketing resources. The quality of the dubbing was excellent, as well as all the documents. For more than one year now, we’ve been partnering with Ollang to run ClassDojo’s localization projects and will continue working together.”
Irina Soshinsky, ClassDojo

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